Samsung Galaxy C10 Dual Camera Phone Rumored

By | 08/05/2017

There is a new rumored rolling out about Samsung’s dual camera phone, Samsung Galaxy C10. Yes, may be it will be the first phone of the company to feature a dual camera setup. Previously we talked about Samsung Galaxy C9 2017 model which also may comes with dual camera lenses. But its now hard to say which one will hit the market first. Its all about dual camera feature and we are expecting another master piece from Samsung with this new mobile technology.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Dual Camera

In Galaxy C9 2017’s leaked image we got an idea about the rear dual camera lenses placement. Which is vertically placed just like Mate 9 Pro smartphone but not horizontally like Honor 8.

The source not only revealed the dual camera lenses in Galaxy C10 but also pointed some expected specs of the phone. It is expected that the smartphone will feature Snapdragon 660 processor along with a hooping 6GB RAM. The Galaxy C9 2017 may share the same specs. But above all, the dual camera in the rear is the new thing from Samsung and we are exited to see that.

Another important rumored about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C10, it will support Samsung Bixby. The phone may come with a dedicated Bixby button, that will be really great.

So, all we have now for you about the new Samsung Galaxy C10 are- Dual rear camera, Snapdragon 660, 6GB RAM, Bixby, model number may SM-C9150.

Now, what about release date? Well, as you can see, its all in rumored now. It is expected that the smartphone will be released in the Quarter 3 in 2017. But there is no clue about exact date of release. So wait till Samsung’s official announcement.

We are too much exited about the Dual camera feature in Samsung Galaxy C10. And along with other expected feature, its worth waiting the phone. What are you thinking about the new Galaxy C10. Do share your opinion in the comment below.